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The new volume of our Centennial Edition Sufi Message volume series, Volume V: Spiritual Liberty has arrived and is now shipping. Don’t miss the opportunity to study the themes in this volume with Pir Zia Inayat Khan at his fall class that starts soon. This volume comprises several early works, including the only book of teachings ever written by Hazrat Inayat Khan, A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty, published in his first year in London, 1914. Also included are Aqibat: Life After Death; The Phenomenon of the Soul; Love, Human and Divine; Pearls from the Ocean Unseen; and Metaphysics. Hardcover only.

“One forms one’s future by one’s actions. Every good and bad action spreads its vibrations and becomes known throughout the universe. The more spiritual one is, the stronger and clearer are the vibrations of one’s actions, which spread over the world, and weave one’s future.
     The universe is like a dome: it vibrates to that which you say in it and answers the same back to you. So also is the law of action: we reap what we sow.”

—Hazrat Inayat Khan in “A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty” from Volume 5: Spiritual Liberty

The projected 12 volume series. Volume VI coming spring 2024.

The projected 12 volume series. Volume VI coming spring 2024.

About the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Centennial Edition series published by Sulūk Press

Why has Sulūk Press been issuing a new series of Sufi Message volumes, and what is unique about the Centennial Edition series? This series prioritizes faithfulness to the integrity of the original talks, with the exception of modifications to give equal representation to both genders. Following the basic form of the orange volumes from the 1960s, we locate the original lecture transcriptions in the Complete Works for each text to use as our starting point. In Pir Zia Inayat Khan’s words from his Introduction to the series in Volume 1 “The changes that have been made have not been made lightly, but rather with full awareness of the gravity of altering, even slightly, the Pir-o-Murshid’s words. Every effort has been taken to avoid interrupting the music of his speech.” We consider our series to present Inayat Khan’s unvarnished teachings in a form that balances fidelity to his original words with sensitivity to the contemporary evolution of the English language.

Next Books

  • Breathtaking Revelations by Carl Ernst and Patrick D’Silva, about the confluence of Sufi and yogic breath practices, is in its final stages and expected to ship in late November. This book compares the over six-hundred-year-old “Fifty Kamarupa Verses”, newly translated by Ernst, with Hazrat Inayat Khan’s manuscript version called the “Science of Breath,” edited and annotated by D’Silva. 
  • No God or Only God, a new book by Suhrawardi Gebel, is also nearing completion and will be ready November/December. The author examines atheism and non-duality and the practice of making God a reality through loving absorption in one’s own ideal. Sulūk Press has previously published two other titles by him: Root Speaks to Bud and Nature’s Hidden Dimension. Suhrawardi Gebel is an astrophysicist, psychotherapist, and senior spiritual leader of the Inayatiyya.
  • The Alchemy of Happiness, volume VI in the Sufi Message series, is underway and will be ready in spring of 2024.

The Nirtan Songs for Voice and Piano

Click on the video below to listen to The Heart, one of ten songs for voice and piano composed by Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Pyaromir Maheboob khan to texts from the Nirtan by Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is among several that are published here for the first time.

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