Immortality: A Traveler’s Guide


Sufi Contemplations on the Road to the End of Time

Immortality: A Traveler’s Guide is comprised of 180 selections of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings from The Soul Whence and Whither, accompanied by Pir Zia Inayat Khan’s commentary and contemplative practices related to each theme. This book stands on its own, but can also be used as a stepping stone to further study of Inayat Khan’s teachings on the soul.

“Our physical existence is a transitory interval between the preexistence of the soul and the looming hereafter. For a person of foresight it is never too soon to step into the worlds that lie beyond. These invisible worlds are the hidden dimensions of what is already before us here and now. Each step takes the soul further on the path of awakening and closer to the eternal Beloved.” Pir Zia Inayat Khan

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Immortality: A Traveler’s Guide by Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Immortality: A Traveler’s Guide comprises 180 selections of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings from The Soul Whence and Whither, accompanied by Pir Zia Inayat Khan’s commentary and contemplative practices related to each theme. This book stands on its own, but can also be used as a stepping stone to further study of Inayat Khan’s teachings on the soul.

The selections within Immortality are drawn from Inayat Khan’s teachings found in Sufi Message Volume 1: The Inner Life and The Soul’s Journey, both of which are restored versions of The Soul Whence and Whither pulled from Hazrat Inayat Khan’s original lecture transcriptions.

“…the aim is to invite the reader into a personal exploration of the states of being Hazrat describes.”

“When taken to heart, Hazrat’s unveilings carry the power to vastly magnify our horizons of vision and to profoundly transform our understanding of who we are. Prepare yourself, dear reader, for a tour of the sprawling inner pathways of the universe, and for an eye-opening glimpse of the meaning of it all.” Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Reviews of Immortality

The soul’s journey is one upon which we are all embarked. It is a journey of wonder, challenge, and unfoldment. To take this journey in the company of great souls is a blessing. It is precisely this blessing that this book provides. Here is not only the wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan but that of Pir Zia Inayat Khan, as well.
Alison M. Roberts, author of Hathor’s Alchemy

Capturing the essence of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s wisdom on soul-journeying, these short contemplations, with transformative exercises from Pir Zia Inayat Khan, offer luminous and wise guidance to who we really are and the meaning in life. A truly inspirational book for travellers on the Way.
David Spangler, author of Journey into Fire

Immortality: A Traveler’s Guide is an essential book. It is also what its title says it is, a Google Afterlife, except that’s not what it is at all. There is no afterlife as opposed to a life or pre-life. There are creatures of all sorts, including humans; there are also stones, plants, angels, planets, stars, and so forth. Hazrat Inayat Khan set down this map as precepts in potentized microdoses a century ago. His grandson, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, unzips the files, to switch metaphors, and shows the flowers and clouds and skies in all their earthen and philosophic luminosity. Such an unfolding is rare.
Richard Grossinger, author of Bottoming Out the Universe and Dreamtimes and Thoughtforms.

…a brilliant, profound, and heartful meditation on the journey from the One, to the Many, back to the One—even as we realize that this journey is not merely temporal, but taking place in every breath. In the words of Pir Zia, it is a returning, and a homecoming. . . Immortality is also a profound meditation on the Divine manifestation in and through nature. This is not a book merely about the Sufi tradition, but an example of how the Sufi tradition is alive and well in our own age, and illuminating the lives of all who come into contact with it.
Omid Safi, Professor of Islamic Studies, Duke University; Author of Radical Love

This is a truly marvellous book—a priceless guide to those who may be lost in a confusing and confused world. It gently expands our understanding of who we are, why we are here and what happens to us when our body dies. Deep down, we are all particles of one Song. Our task is to sound our note and harmonize with every other note. Immortality teaches us how to do this.
Anne Baring, author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul

Immortality is a luminous Sufi book on soul life and development, tracing a lineage of profound cosmological thought through generations. Pir Zia has given us a unique work of spiritual insights, poetic commentary, and creative visualization practices. This is an inspiring work that stirs the heart and mind with angelic intuitions of what soul is like and how to fulfill our deepest potential. Highly recommended!
Dr. Lee Irwin, emeritus professor of Religious Studies, College of Charleston

Pir Zia succinctly illuminates 180 essential points on the soul’s journey through angelic and earthly planes. Based on Hazrat Inayat Khan’s penetrating insights, Pir Zia presents meditations on the soul and its relationship to nature and revelation. This is a brilliant guidebook to the soul’s incarnation and its essential immortality.
H. Talat Halman, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Religion, Central Michigan University

In this wonderfully wise and generous book, Pir Zia takes us through three dimension of the human psyche: Hazrat Inayat Khan’s original unveiling of the journey of the human soul from its inception to its ultimate destiny, followed by Pir Zia’s own poetic rendering of the stages of this journey in exquisitely moving images—“the universe is dappled with starlight and shadow”—and finally offering us contemplative practices in order to understand and realize these images in our own personal lives.
Jules Cashford, author of The Moon: Myth and Image and co-author with Anne Baring of The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image

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